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What is Lead ?

Written by Girijalaxmi Mishra on Aug 11, 2016

Lead represents any person or organization that a company might have the potential to do business with. In fact, creating a Lead document of information about a new lead is often the first step users take in the sales process.The Lead article is often thought of as a alternate entity. As the sales process progresses, a lead is ideally converted to a contact, account and opportunity. This conversion represents that a contact or organization is no longer just a lead, but which you are likely to do business with. The length of time your lead remains a lead is dependent on how the business cycle works within your organization. You may nurture a lead for a long time before you convert it to an account, or this may happens very quickly.

Elements of a Lead:-

The lead record contains basic data such as the contact information, organization name, or how a lead was developed (often called the Lead Source). Organizations often customize the lead record to collect data significant to their sales process.

Basic contact information:-

This includes first name, last name, job title, company name, email addresses, contact preferences, and phone numbers.

Lead Source:-

This field will indicates how your lead was generated. These should be specified by a broad category rather than a specific movement.

Lead Status:-

A lead will have three status types.

  • Open:-

  • An open lead indicates that it is available for a sales influence to take it through the lead qualification process. After this process, it will be either qualified or disqualified.

  • Disqualified:-

  • A disqualified lead indicates that the lead is not a good candidate for sales opportunities.

  • Qualified:-

  • A qualified lead may be converted to a Account,Contact and/or Opportunity( Learn more about qualifying leads).