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How WakeUpSales CRM can be used for Educational industry ?

Use of CRM in Educational industry.

Education institutions are experiencing vital changes in the way they operate and interact with their students(customers), their parents,employers, alumni, staff and members. To provide more attention and instant service proactive universities are turning to technology.

CRM systems are used to automate and manage communications with prospective and current students, alumni,employees,staff – everyone in your institution’s community. Customer information, such as lead’s/customer’s name, age, gender, qualification, telephone no., email, and any other relevant information across different channels is compiled into a single database to enable easier information access, allowing to customize and personalize messages and the channels used to send the message to the student in a timely manner. Each interaction with the “customer” is recorded by the CRM, all in one place.

Some core benefits of using WakeUpSales in educational industry:-

  • WakeUpSales CRM system drives faster service. Communicational channels like Emails may be automated in order to speed up response time. It may also helpful for identifying trends which become feedback for marketing, admissions or other departments included in the process. Furthermore, WakeUpSales provide real-time data, numbers, and graphs that may be useful in decision making. For example, the WakeUpSales is capable of showing an exact number of interested male/female students that come from, you may track every aspect of a student lifecycle.

  • Another useful and widely used feature of a WakeUpSales is workflow automation. By this features you never forget to follow up and respond on an enquiry ever again. The CRM system may be automated in such way that tasks are assigned to a relevant member automatically.

  • Tracking is yet another great feature of WakeUpSales CRM systems. It enables institutions to track which websites are used to find your institution. This allows for allocating resources to the most effective marketing campaigns and smarter marketing budget planning.