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WakeupSales on Heroku

How To Install

Step by step guide to WakeupSales Deploy on Heroku.

Using Heroku, you can deploy a WakeupSales CRM instance within minutes.


  • Fresh installation of Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2 or 7 32-bit (physical or VM)
  • Single, working network connection with a fixed IP address
  • 512Mb RAM


Set up a WakeupSales CRM Instance on Heroku

  • Install the Heroku Toolbelt Download and install the Heroku Toolbelt
  • Run the following command to go inside your project folder

    cd /path/to/railscrm
    git init
    $ git add .
    $ git commit -m "deploy in heroku"

  • The heroku create command creates a new application in Heroku along with the git remote that used to receive your application source.

    heroku login
    heroku create

  • You can verify the remote in your git configuration as well:

    git remote -v


    heroku https://git.heroku.com/warm-island-37232.git (fetch)

    heroku https://git.heroku.com/warm-island-37232.git (push)

  • Push code to the heroku remote:

    $ git push heroku master

Other useful heroku commands

  • heroku restart - restart the webservers
    heroku ps - is the webserver running
    heroku logs --ps web.1 --tail - tail the log of a specific webserver process
    git push heroku your-branch-name:master - to push a different branch to the webserver

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