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Twilio Integration Plugin

Telephony Integration, simplified. Make phone calls directly to your leads & contacts from Wakeupsales.

Click to call & receive phone calls. View call history and more.

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  • Twilio Integration Plugin with WakeUpSales
  • Twilio Integration Plugin with WakeUpSales
  • Twilio Integration Plugin with WakeUpSales


Twilio is a cloud communications platform that allows you programmatically make and receive phone calls using its web service APIs, within the application

How Twilio Integration Helps

Twilio helps you to make and receive phone calls from the Wakeupsales app. It supports the one tap call feature to call a mobile or landline number. You will also be able to record the conversations for call analysis.

Benefits / features

  • Call directly from Wakeupsales
  • Record & Analyze, Historical data saving
  • Answer Inbound Calls
  • Call details saved, automatically
Connect your Twilio account and start making all your calls within Wakeupsales, and update the details for a contact right there. Make Hard Work, Easy.
Twilio Integration Plugin with WakeUpSales+

Twilio Integration with WakeUpSales

Click to call & receive phone calls. View call history and more. Do all that without leaving Wakeupsales. Start interacting with customers smarter and better.

Call directly from Wakeupsales
Call directly from Wakeupsales

No need to run back-n-forth between Wakeupsales CRM and your phone. The Twilio integration makes it easy for you and your team to make calls to your Customers (or Leads), right from Wakeupsales. Just one click and it’s done, were the system saves all the call details and recordings.

Historical data saving
Record & Analyze, Historical data saving

All the calls that you make or receive from Wakeupsales (using Twilio) will be auto-recorded – for further analysis. The recording gets saved with the specific lead’s activity.

Answer Inbound Calls
Answer Inbound Calls

Answer calls that comes in to you. All the information related to the customers will get displayed right in front of you. No more confusions no more browser shifts and running to the desk and noting down something (with your pen and paper).

Call details saved
Call details saved, automatically

All the information related to call at your screen. View all the details and call history of your contact (or Lead) with their last call duration, time etc. Makes easier for you to take quick decisions.

Connect your Twilio account and start making calls within Wakeupsales. Try Twilio plugin for Wakeupsales. Don’t have a Twilio account Yet! Create one here.

At Wakeupsales, we deliver end-to-end support for each integration/plugin from our team of technical experts; until& unless it’s something directly related to Twilio. You can visit the Twilio help center right here. Other than that – we read & respond to your emails or help you through remote support. With Wakeupsales, you are part of the family.

Wakeupsales Support

You can contact us by email,

or by getting in touch on our support center.


Monday to Friday (24 hours)

Go to WakeUpSales Support

Is there any recurring fee for this integration?

Not at all. All you have to pay is a one-time fee as mentioned above. That is all.

Does it work with all previous versions of WakeUpSales?

Unfortunately, it does not. The TwilioPlugin only works with Wakeupsales v4.0 or above. Please download the latest version Here.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

There are no hidden/extra costs from our end. If you have an active Twilio account, you are good to go.

I am not that techie or have a tech team. Do you give technical help?

Yes, of course. We have an independent team known as “Wakeupsales Plugin Development Team” – and one of these experts will actually help you to integrate and install the plugin with Wakeupsales. That’s not it – we also give you support over Skype and Email, whenever you need.

What if I need help in installations of Wakeupsales v4.0 (latest version) and my choice of Plugins? What’s the process?

No problem at all. You just need book our Premium Installation Support – from here. Choose (buy) the list of plugins you’re interested in or you can Contact Us to help you bundle up your chosen plugins. Post that one of your ‘Tech. Installation Expert’ would contact you to book a date and time [you can also book your preferred time of installation with the link provided in your email when you book the ‘Premium Installation Support’]. On the D-day, we take up the remote access to start with the installation of Wakeupsales & the plugins.

CRM Tool User
Taylan Toprak
Owner, Estateslist.com
"Wakeupsales has a brilliant UI, which makes CRM work joyful. I liked the UI and it's easy to work with. Wakeupsales has a plugin library that's going to increase very soon, I'm sure. Great work. Keep it up."

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