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Invoice Management Plugin

Effortless and accurate billing for your clients. Not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of missing out on any billable work.

Get Paid Faster, with Fast Invoicing

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  • Invoice Management in Wakeupsales
  • Invoice Management in Wakeupsales
  • Invoice Management in Wakeupsales


This is certainly one of the easiest Invoice generation & management plugins available. The simple feel of Wakeupsales combined with functionalities like creating, sending, managing invoices is practically magic!

How It Helps

Save more than a dozen hours every month from accounting, with this easy-to-use Invoice Generator. Send transparent & accurate billing to your customers… gaining a lot of trust. And never miss out on any deadlines.


  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved Billing Cycle
  • Increase in Timely Payments
  • Boost in Revenue
  • Accurate Billable Hours
Not on WakeUpsales yet? Download the latest Version Here.
Invoice Management Plugin+

Invoice Management in Wakeupsales

There’s so much more to the Invoice Management plugin than what meets the eyes. Take a look at the features that make it a must have for your Wakeupsales CRM.

Create Invoices
Create/Manage Invoices Easily

Creating & managing invoices was never easier. Create timely bills & manage it all right from your CRM dashboard. Want to resend/cancel an invoice? It has got you covered.

Email Invoice
Email Your Invoice to Customers

It’s time for you say goodbye to manual invoices. Creating & sending one to your customers is now possible with just a few clicks. It hardly takes a minute!

Monitor Invoice
Monitor Your Receivables

The Invoice Listing page displays all your invoices at one place, in a beautifully arranged manner. So that you don’t spend too much time figuring out the status of your invoices.

Resend Invoice
Resend Invoices

Sending an invoice again to one of your customers is just click of a button away. Meanwhile, we’ve already started working on the ‘recurring invoices’ feature. Stay tuned!

Try Invoice Management in WakeUpSales.

Invoice Management Plugin+
Installation Guide

Setting up Invoice Management in Wakeupsales is easy. Follow the steps below & get started.

Installation Steps
  1. Download the wus_invoice plugin
  2. Extract to your application vendor/plugins folder
  3. Add the following line to your gemfile
    • gem 'wus_amazon_ses', path: 'vendor/plugins/wus_amazon_ses'
    • gem 'payday', '1.1.1'
  4. Run the command bundle install. It will install the dependency gems.
  5. to copy required migration files into your application’sdb/migrate folder
    • rake wus:invoice_migration_setup
  6. Run the command rake db:migrate to create invoices and invoice_items tables
  7. Now you can start the server by rails s

You’re good to go!

At Wakeupsales, we deliver end-to-end support for each integration/plugin from our team of technical experts. We treat your problems as ours & we literally mean it.

Wakeupsales Support

Figure out how to install this plugin, right here.

You can contact us by email or by getting in touch on our support center.


Monday to Friday (24 hours)

Go to our Google Community Forum

Do I have to pay any recurring fee for this plugin?

Not at all. All you have to pay, is a one time fee as mentioned in the Invoice Management details page. That’s it.

Does it work with all previous versions of WakeUpSales?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The Invoice Management plugin only works with Wakeupsales v4.0 or above. Please download the latest version here.

Are there any hidden costs involved?

There are no hidden/extra costs from our end. Just buy the plugin & that’s it.

CRM Tool User
Taylan Toprak
Owner, Estateslist.com
"Wakeupsales has a brilliant UI, which makes CRM work joyful. I liked the UI and it's easy to work with. Wakeupsales has a plugin library that's going to increase very soon, I'm sure. Great work. Keep it up."

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