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frequently asked questions

We like to keep everything transparent. So, here're a few common questions that people ask us.

1. What is WakeUpSales?

WakeUpSales is a powerful open source CRM tool to boost your sales.It helps you to manage your deals effectively to grow your business exponentially by adding visibility to your sales pipeline.

Customer information is the most valuable for any business. WakeUpSales helps you to store link the context of each deal to the contacts.

WakeUpSales facilitates excellent features for managing in-depth sales activities, such as maintaining notes, tasks, email communication, sales buckets around deals.

2. What is CRM?

CRM term stands for Customer relationship management that organizations used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers all in one place.

It helps sales teams to close deals faster as well as to manage campaigns and track lead generation more efficiently. You can track sales activity such as lead, opportunity, and customer and take action from anywhere. Information tracked in a CRM system includes contacts, leads, deal wins and sales leads and more.

3. Why I need a CRM?

CRM integrates deals , tasks and calendars and so much more in one easily maintained and managed place. By using a CRM your business will become organized and as your business becomes organized you'll start to see success.

  1. Below are some points

    Track your tasks, events and activities.

    Never lose your data.

    Predict your future easily.

    Increase your sales growth.

    Provides you instant metrics on dozens of aspects of your business

4. What is the benefit of using WakeUpSales?

WakeUpSales provides below.

  1. Below are some points

    Better interaction and understand the customer.

    Retain customers through better customer experience.

    Win new leads.

    Get track of all activities for deals and contacts.

    Increase revenue of the organization.

    Attract new customers.

5. Is there a demo?

Yes, We are having demo link "Try Demo" on top right corner of the header. After clicking the link you will be redirected to the demo site where you are provided with the demo credentials to access the dashboard page and play around with other features.

6. Can I download it completely free?

Yes, We are providing the source code completely free of cost. Simply provide your "Name" and valid "email id", We'll send you an email with a download link. By clicking the link, You can get able to download the source code.

7. Is there any hidden cost associated?

No, WakeUpSales doesn't charge any hidden costs or fees.

8. Is API available?

No, currently we are not providing any API. But API is on our roadmap which will be available very soon.

9. Why this is built with Ruby & Rails?

Ruby is a powerful scripting language built top of OOPS concept like Perl, Python. This is opensource & a large community for support. The application is built with Rails MVC framework which is built top of Ruby programming language and a very mature framework. It is built for faster development with a solid MVC frame work which makes it easier than other language to maintain the code base as well as expand it. Ruby & Rails is the widely accepted & adopted programming languages.

10. Is this secure?

The Rails MVC framework comes with lots of inbuilt security like SQL injection, Parameter hijacking, Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Site Request Forgery & Account Hijacking.Both Ruby & Rails are backed with a huge developer community support.

11. How do I install it after download?

We are providing installation guides for all environments such as "Linux", "MAC" and "Windows" OS. We also help you out if you face any issues in installation process.Click here to get the installation process.

12. Do you help on installing?

Yes, We have already provided the installation steps to install the app in any Linux , Windows and MAC environment. If you want we can help you on setting up on premises.

13. Do you provide any support & maintenance?

Yes, We provide support & maintenance if you face any kind of issues or customization.

14. How do I get started?

We are providing demo credentials "http://demo.wakeupsales.org" to access our demo site. You can create deals, tasks, contacts and assign to any contact with email notification.

15. Is there any guide available?

Yes, We are providing details steps under "How It Works" section along with screen-shots to make you understand the process easily.

16. What is the recommended infrastructure?

You must have Linux OS, Min. 1Gb Ram, 50Gb hard disc space with a good processor more than 2.0Ghz.

17. Can I run this on any OS?

Yes, You can run the application on any Linux, Mac and Windows OS easily by following our installation guidelines. We are also providing support in installation process.